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John Berthiaume  (newsboy) - John is a Junior at PWHS, and has already had much experience in performance.  He was in several PST productions, including last year's  Sweet Charity, and Shenandoah.  An outstanding singer, he has received several awards in 1980 & 1981 (1-star ratings in solo, madrigals) and was selected over hundreds of students to participate in the state honors choir.

Randy Bichler (Fathers and Sons) - Randy returns to us this year, after last appearing in the lead role of PST's Shenandoah, in 1979.  He is s Senior Theatre/Voice major at UW-Eau Claire.  He hopes to continue in a career in theatre, and is also considering studying opera.  It is always a pleasure to work with this truly outstanding individual.

Richard J. Schultz (Lovin' Al) - Ric is a perennial performer with our summer shows, and is an outstanding and experienced actor.  He has spent the last two years attending the PAC Theatre School (with full scholarship), and has appeared in their productions of UNDER MILKWOOD, OUR TOWN, and CHIPS WITH EVERYTHING.  His PST appearances are many, dating back to 1973.  He appeared as Herman in last year's Sweet Charity

Chris Roob (Un Mejor Dia Vendra) - A recent PWHS graduate, and serious student of the performing arts, Chris has received a 4-year scholarship prize to study music at DePaul University.  He brings with his role a beautiful voice, and a willingness to constantly perfect his performance.  Good luck, Chris.

Daniel Eckert (Gas Man, "Brother Trucker") - Dan will be studying music at UW-Madison this fall.  He has appeared in major roles in 'tons' of PST and high school productions.  He has received numerous music and theatre awards, including an 'Outstanding Acting' award at the state Theatre Festival las fall.  He appeared as Oscar in last year's Sweet Charity.  A very imaginative, and talented performer, Dan is always fun to work with ... when he can get away from work to rehearse.

Tim Bradley ("The Mason", Charlie Blossom) - Tim is a student at UW-Eau Claire, and has appeared in their productions of COMPANY and CABARET.  He has also been a member of UWEC Concert Choir for the past two years.  He appeared as Vittorio in last year's PST production of Sweet Charity.  Tim has matured into an outstanding performer, an excellent tenor, and we wish him well.

A. Beth Frost ("Its an Art") - Beth appeared as Charity in last year's PST production, and has appeared in a number of productions while a Speech-Theatre major at UW-Oshkosh ('ages ago', she contends).  She is employed at St. Alphonsus Hospital, and the mother of twin boys, and the self-proclaiming mother (lovingly) of our cast.

Mary J. Goggins Selke ("Nobody Tells Me How") - This is Mary's second year as a member of a PST cast, appearing as Nikki in last year's .  Mary will be teaching voice at TJMS this fall, and has considerable theatrical experience, including performances with the Skylight Theatre, Milwaukee, and numerous 'Music Under the Stars' productions.  She is truly a dedicated and talented professional.

Caroline Jones ("Millwork") - Carrie is presently a Voice student at UW-Eau Claire, and has appeared in their productions of ANTIGONE, MIRACLE WORKER, and COMPANY.  She has also appeared in numerous high school and PST productions, where she consistently excels.  It is always a delight to have her be a part of our shows.

Bonnie McDaniel (Babe Secoli, Choreography) - Bonnie is (as always) the workhorse of our production, always working tirelessly as a dancer, instructor, character, and vocalist.  She is a perennial PST performer with much experience.  Bonnie also serves as choreographer/director for PWHS musicals.  She is the mother of Lucas McDaniel who is making his debut as the little boy in "Fathers and Sons" in this production.  Her energy makes her at least six-feet tall.  Thank you, Bonnie!!

Sue DeMerit ("Cleaning' Women") - This is Sue's first PST production since Bye Bye Birdie, many years ago.  A former student at PWHS, she appeared in PAJAMA GAME and BRIGADOON.  She spends most of the summer as a lifeguard at Port Pool.

Debbie Mueller ("Just A Housewife") - This is Debbie's first PST production.  She graduated from PWHS in 1970, where she appeared in DARK OF THE MOON, CAROUSEL, and FIDDLER ON THE ROOF.  She has also appeared in some productions at UWWC, and in choir.  An experienced mother, this role comes easy for her.  Break a leg!

Carol Adams ("If I Could've Been") - While only 20 years old, Carol has appeared in 24 productions, including high school theatre and musicals, PST productions and as a student us UW-Madison.  In addition, she has received numerous awards for Solo/Ensemble, Forensics, and has had 4 1/2 years of vocal training.  As always, best wishes, Carol!

Richard Elbe ("Joe") - Dick is an experienced veteran of many community theatre productions, including many productions with the Sheboygan Community Theatre, and appeared in Lakeside Community Theatre's production of PLAZA SUITE last year.  This is his first appearance in a PST production.  Break a leg, Dick!

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