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Sweet Charity

Our 15th Production​

Sweet Charity present the story of a lovable dance hall hostess who wants to be loved.  The story of Charity is, indeed, a search; a quest; an odyssey of a person who want (and needs) to belong.

Searching for 'Mr. Right', however, we discover Charity Hope Valentine (what's in a name?) being constantly deluded and trapped by the people she meets, and her questionable environment.  She personifies a character of complete, unsuspecting innocence surranded by a world of decadence (Fan-Dango), narcissism (Charlie), elitism (Vittorio), and uncompromising social attitudes (Oscar).

We have conceptualized our production of Sweet Charity as sort of a 'cartoon', as many of the characters are, indeed, unreal: comic strips, for that's the world in which Charity lives.  However, as unrealistic as a Charity Hope Valentine is for us to imagine, especially today, the question posed is real: Is there an accepted place for innocence and genuine sweetness in our society today?

Charity seems vulnerable because of her inherent purity, but does provide an answer.  Charity Hope Valentine remains .... hopefully.....ever after.

Director: Ralph Lohse
Music Director: William Ross

Orchestra Director: Gerald Olson

Choreography: Kim Kunz
Assistant Choreographers: Bonnie McDaniel & Tess Larzelere

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