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The Music Man

Celebrating our 39th Production​

Follow the antics of con-artist turned conductor, Harold Hill, as he convinces the citizens of River City, Iowa that he can teach their children to play in a marching band. Only after Marian, the town librarian, discovers his secret does the plot thicken. Ultimately, we find the Professor with "his foot caught in the door for the first time." Featuring classic songs such as "Till There Was You," "Gary, Indiana," and "Seventy Six Trombones," Meredith Willson's The Music Man is the all-American salute to music, romance and fast-talking flim-flam.

Director: Shirley Decker
Orchestra Director: Jeff DeThorne 

Vocal Director: Susan Champa
Choreography: Lauralyn Voigt

Director's Notes

This is my first experience directing a show for Port Summer Theatre and I am thrilled with the show, The Music Man, this year.  The show is a bright, happy, feel-good show about small town America at a time, 1912, when life seemed simpler.  But was it?  There was "Trouble in River City", brought on by a slick salesman passing through town.  The whole town changes for the better, including our here (Harold Hill) as a result of this chance happening that he gets off the train and gives Iowa a try.  I hope we have been able to portray the story that Meredith Willson wrote for you tonight.

With nearly 60 people in the cast and a dozen others working on crews, we have been busy.  A director often gets the credit, but we know it takes many people coming together to make the magic happen.  I am especially pleased that I have had an opportunity to work with Susan Champa as the Musical Director, Jeff DeThorne, Band Director and Diana Neumeyer, Stage Manager, who did so much more than manage the stage.  There are so many others listed in the program that I appreciate.  It is our show, not mine, that we present to your now.  Enjoy

Shirley Decker

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