Back Stage


Assistant to the Director - Ann Ansay
Scenic & Lighting Design - Ralph C Lohse
Stage Manger - Joseph Greiveldinger
Assistant Stage Manager - Carla Lucas
Set Construction

Jean Hall, Laura Nulph, Carla Lucas, Joe Greiveldinger, Greg Bezjak, Randy Hughes, Shawn Gerrits, Kevin Gerrits, Carol Adams, Chris Gingrasso, Mary Weyker, Margaret Prusak, Sue Heatwole, Mary Hoffmann, Wil Brazeau, Lisa Joanis, Peter Bethke, Robert McDaniel

Console Lighting - Peter Bethke
Follow Spot Lighting - Wil Brazeau
Make Up

Anne Strass, Lynne Fasbender, Lisa Joanis, Ann Ansay, Tammy Parker, Sue La Crosse

Sound - Lisa Joanis
Special Promotions - A Beth Frost
Program Advertising - Ann Ansay
Assistance in Program Advertising - Mary Seidenstricker, Chris Roob
Costume/Property Mistress - Karen Akers
Tickets/Program Printing - Harbor Printing, Inc.
Fish Day Float - Anne Strass, Chris Gingrasso
Program Photography - Steve Platteter