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Celebrating our 10th Production​

GODSPELL, subtitled "A Rock Opera Based on The Gospel According to St. Matthew", is a joyous celebration of Christianity; nothing less, and nothing more.  Yet, it is within this beautiful simplicity that we may be reminded once again of God's mercies shown to all of mankind.

Some people may find it difficult, at first, to accept the disciples of Jesus as 'clowns', surrounded by Rock music, dance, elements of the circus and vaudevillian routines (which are highly significant, by the way), and some people will undoubtedly question the authenticity of the 'textual material'.  But, no one can question or refuse to accept the Christian ideals of love and brotherhood as presented in this unique form.

GODSPELL, does not preach, it does not wave flags, but rather, it does more by simply presenting itself.  And it is with this feeling that we gladly present it to you.

Director: Ralph C Lohse
Vocal & Music Director: William Ross
Assistant to the Director: Amy Bleyilliam Ross
Choreography: PerryJohn Duman

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