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Director Assistants

Much more happens behind the stage, hours of practice, back stage hands build sets, set lights, develop programs, print tickets.  Here are a few images of those who help and photos of practice and Production.
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Vocal Director

  • Bill Ross (Top photo below)

Back Stage

  • Rick Lee Manager

  • April Arendt


Lighting (See Below Middle photo)

  • Mike Wiskow (Top of middle photo below)

  • Brian Stephen ( Bottom of middle photo below


  • Robert Steele

  • Jerry Wiskow

  • Rick Lee

  • Lucas Steele

  • Shane Steffan



  • Amy Lorence (Bottom photo)

  • Emily Donaldson


  • Deanna Lee

Choreography of ballet sequence

  • Christine Thielke

Web Development

Bill Ross.jpg
Amy Lorence.jpg
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