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Andrew Jesse as Emile
Andy Kultgen as Luther Billis

Mike Neumeyer as Lt Cable
Matt MacRae as Abner

Bryant Goebel as Stewpot
Bob Goebel as Captain Brackett
Ron Voigt as Cmdr Bill Harbison
Drew Egan as Lt Buzz
Steve Ewig as Yeoman Quale
Joe Holtan as Morton Wise
Russell MacRae as Richard Wise
Tom Holtan as Tom O'Brien

Geoff Karnish as James Hayes
Joe DeBoer as Sgt Ken Johnson
Jeff Guokas as Tom Hassinger

Margaret Stanfield as Nellie
Talia Henkle as Lily
Lauren Henkle as Ngana

Diana Neumeyer as Mome
Bonnie Steele as Bloody Mary
Caity Rose Last as Liat
Erin O'Connell as Genevieve Marshal
Deanna Lee as Dinah Murphy
Becky Werner as Janet MacGregor

Kate MacRae as Connie
Gina Schmucker as Nancy
Crystal Betker as Rita
Jessie Weber as Lisa
Callie Bannon as Cora
Mellissa Schumann as Pamela
Samatha Anderson as Sue
Kristen Ross as Kris

doubling in the roles of the native island girls... Gina Schmucker & Callie Bannon

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