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Fairy Tale Cast

(in order of appearance)

Narrator - James Madlom

Cinderella - Gena Cannistra

Jack - Jamie Meins

Baker - Mike Bowman

Baker's Wife - Jessica Lanser

Cinderella's Stepmother - Erin O'Connell

Florinda - Kate MacRae

Lucinda - Shandy Heatwole

Jack's Mother - Maggie Barr

Little Red Riding Hood - Pamela Nelson

Witch - Kierstin Cottrell

Cinderella's Father - Mark Bannon III

Cinderella's Mother - Deanna Lee

Mysterious Man - Robert Poull

Wolf - Chris Halbleib

Rapunzel - Erica Brammer

Rapunzel's Prince - Andy Jesse

Granny - Julie Dornburg

Cinderella's Prince - Chris Halbleib

Steward - Nathan Steele

Giant - Deanna Lee

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