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Back Stage


Connie Petesch: Piano

Wesley Decker: Percussion

Mark Angelos: Percussion

Mary Beth Petesch: Musical Assistance


Production Crew

Set Construction: Katy Schwantes, Wes Decker, Sue Clements, Linda Mitchell, Chris Angelos, Judy Schuknecht, Paul Mayer, Martha Boggs & Kimberly Kunz


Lighting: Dottie Gahan (Chair), Terry Nierode, Paul Mayer, Peggy Krainz and Bob Menigoz


Costumes: Jan Schuknecht (Chair), Nancy Brown, Judy Schuknecht and Alison Miller


Make Up: Amy Bley & Diane Wesa (Chair), Cathy Ross, Karen Erlwig, Lisa Medinger and Sharon Prom


Publicity: Peggy Krainz, Sue Clements, Linda Mitchell, Kathy Schwanz and Judy Schuknecht


Properties: Lisa Kohn (chair), Linda Krainz, Debbie Wagner and Denise Doucette


House Personnel: Sue Clements, Linda Mitchell, Cathy DeMerit, Martha Boggs and Nancy Brown

Special Assistance

Stage Mangers: Kimberly Kunz &  Wesley Decker

Tickets: Kathy Lohse

Poster Design: Mark Wenzel

Overture Music: Chris Angelos &  Kimberly Kunz

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