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Wizard of Oz 1990.jpg

Back Stage

Printing - Heritage Publishing
Program Ads - Amy Lorence
Costume mistress - Robin Haseley
Properties - Dianne Mueller
Lighting - Brett Dimmer, Marc Lohse, Trea Kimball
Rehearsal pianist - Terry Brown and Steve Stockero
Usherettes - Valarie Kultgen and Joei Conradt
Stage Manager - Peter Minns
Scenic design - Bonnie Steele

Set Construction and crew

  • Luke Steele

  • Bernie Booth

  • Dale Block

  • Peter Minns

  • Tracy Braun

  • Robert Steele

  • Nathan Steele

  • Melissa Kanios

  • Stephanie Wurtz

  • Shane Ruege

  • Bonnie Steele

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