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Director's Notes

"Chicago" has been an interesting production to attempt.  The format of trying to weave a story-line through a succession of vaudeville acts, burlesque-type revues (with a touch of Ziegfeld), jazzy torch-songs, etc., has proved to be both challenging and fun.  As Billy Flynn says" "It's all show-biz!"

The story-line is secondary, however, to this musical production.  It attempts to show the excesses of an interesting era in our society.  In that regard, I think, perhaps a correlation can be drawn between affluence and decadence.  We can view this period (and others, too) which were told, frivolous, sassy (and somewhat scandalous and naughty), and equate it with our economically plagued era to reflect upon the idea that what is considered the 'best of times', may not really be that good.

Bonnie McDaniel deserves much of the credit for this show.  It is, as you will see, a 'dancer's show', and Bonnie has spent hundreds of talented, patient, and loving hours to perfect some very rigorous dances.  She has provided the real 'razzle-dazzle' for "Chicago".

Finally, I would like to complement the cast and crew and orchestra for dedicating most of their summer to be able to present this show.

"Razzle-Dazzle 'em"

Ralph Lohse

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