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Barnum 2019.jpg

Barnum - Director & Assistants

Celebrating our 54th Production​

Director Diana Neumeyer

Vocal Director Mary Van Petersom

Stage Manager/Paint Artistry  Lindzy Willborn

Lights & Sound Dennis Gephart, Alan Peterson, Zack Gephart

Stage Crew Matt O'Donald, Claire Ball and Cast

Choreography: Brianna Dawson, Laura Cashin, Diana Neumeyer & Dana Tremelling
Flight Crew: Lindzy Willborn and Raymond Polgar
Flying Equipment & Training: Vertigo, Lewie Long
Props/Set Decoration Diana Neumeyer

Programs/Tickets/Ad/Publicity Ozaukee Press

Costumes Diana Neumeyer and Miller & Campbell Inc

Costume Assistance Michelle Dawson, Danielle Dawson, Bonnie Steele, Terri Couwenhoven, Sara Pashak & Alysa Williams

Concessions/Sales Laura Wagner, Kiley Schulte, Monica Rowley

Tricycle Donation & Painting Bob Roob

Ozaukee Press Cast Photo Sam Arendt

Shirts & Logo Mountain Promotions

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