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Phineas Taylor Barnum (Prince of Humbug) - James Earl Keesler

Chrity Barnum (Chairy, P.T. Barnum's wife) - JoAnne T Treinen

Joice Heth (oldest woman alive) - Ann Marie Dohms

Tom Thumb (smallest man in the world) - Andrew Ross

Jenny Lind (Swedish soprano) - Annette W. Olson

Ringmaster/Jame A. Bailey - Richard J. Schultz

Amos Scudder (owner of American Museum) - Mike Poull

Chester Lyman (Joice Heth's Manager) - Keven Klopp

Julius Goldschmidt (Jenny Lind's manager) Jamie Meins

Sherwood Stratton (Tom Thumb's father) - Steve Stockero

Mrs Stratton (Tom Thumb's mother) - Kathy Olson

Edgar Templeton (Political Party Boss) - Brian Bugenhagen

First Woman (Women's emporium) - Ruth Plutowski

Second Woman Women's emporium) - Sue Penkwitz

Concert Master - Gerald Olson

Barker (Lobby) - Mike Poull

The Clowns, Jugglers, Acrobats, Animals, Bricklayers, Passers by, Patrons, Dancers, Singers, Marching BAnkds, Bike Riders, Tumblers, Stilt Walkers

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